The Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge

What a fantastic Challenge! Well done everyone!


54,667 Total
21,125 Walking
14,269 Cycling
3,260 Car sharing
7,662 Bus
5,066 Train - overground
31 Scooting/skating
42 Foot passenger ferry
878 Working from home
999 Running
239 Park & Ride
364 Virtual meeting/ Tele-conference
213 Train - underground
160 E-cycling
359 Tram / light rail


3,057 People registered for the challenge
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Carbon Emissions

54,049 Kg Of CO2 Have been saved The same journeys made by car would have emitted 131,062 kg of co2

Cost Savings

£53,227.2 Has been saved the same journeys made by car would have cost £159,722

Calories Burnt

33,642 doughnuts worth of calories burnt
8,477,900 total calories


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