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About the Challenge

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The Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge is a fantastic way to get active this March.

This is your online tool to get motivated and challenge yourself to walk, run, scoot, cycle or take public transport for more of your everyday journeys from 1st to 31st March.

Join employers and employees across Scotland leaving their car at home and do a bit for your wellbeing, wallet and the world.

What is the Challenge?

The Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge is free to join, and simple to take part in. Compete as an individual or join your workplace or organisation and set up a team. Take part with your colleagues and friends, set targets and encourage each other.

You can log any journey whether it's your regular commute, trip to the shops or leisure activity, the school run or business trip. And for the first time, if you are working from home you can also record your local journeys too!

All these journeys can be logged and we will be encouraging you every step of the way with prizes, rewards, badges and stories from other participants across the country.


Why take part?

Take part because it's a great way to get active this Spring. Take part by yourself or team up with colleagues, try some new ways of getting around!

We've got some great prizes to give away this year, and you can track all your progress on your own personal dashboard. You can also access some great rewards and interact with friends and colleagues all over country.

Cycling, scooting, running and walking on your commute and for local trips are brilliant ways of incorporating exercise into your day; whilst public transport and lift sharing are great ways to reduce congestion and can save you money. All this helps you get fitter, feel good, and do your bit for your environment.

Which journeys count?

Journeys to, from, or for work that are carried out by foot, bike, public transport or car-share count.

Trips to the shops, to a leisure activity, taking the kids to school, or to do a walk, jog, run, or cycle 'loop' at lunchtime to keep active also count!

Log your activity daily to help your team or organisation climb the leaderboard!