The Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge


Thanks to all the SPA staff who took part in the SWJC this year!

It’s been fun taking part in the challenge. I’ve enjoyed logging my journeys and it has inspired me to keep walking more.

Logged my last journeys! I've enjoyed participating in this challenge...it's given me a purpose in life.

Back at work after Easter break and logged my journeys for the last couple of weeks - broke my 200 sustainable mile challenge woo hoo!!

Finally fitted in one walk to work on 30th March. Hey, better late than never.

Bit of a soggy cycle home to round off the March Journey Challenge. Ah well, can't take joke then don't cycle to work. :)

30-03-18 Well this was the last day of the challenge and since the beginning of March to the End I have managed to reduce my cycle commute time by 5 minutes and 42 seconds. This is our second year of taking part in this Challenge and I am really happy with the increased involvement this year from my colleagues at Booth Welsh. Well Done Everyone.

Ah, almost the end of the challenge!! Good luck to everyone in the final few days :)

In response to Sean's comment - there is an option to set up saved journeys to help speed things up (at the top when you click on 'log a journey'). We'll look into your feedback for future challenges. Hopefully the reward of seeing your journeys count towards your personal targets and help your workplace climb the leaderboard make it worth logging for now! Jacalyn, Sustrans

I make the same dreary journey every day, both ways by bike. Why do you require me to log each journey independently? I should be able to select swathes of the calendar and tick a box to say I'll be making the same wretched slog every day I travel. Having to log each day independently is why I haven't been filling this in. The last thing I feel my uphill effort into work needs is a layer of bureaucracy at the end...

Nice bonus of cycling to work, when you meet someone you know on the way into town. Even if they are racking up miles for a rival team...

Just keep walking...

Walking to work is just fantastic! This morning, tripped twice on dodgy pavements & hurt my ankle. Then, a bird pooped on my newly washed beret! However, I won't be defeated!!

This whole walking extra to get the bus at the next stop is great until days like today where the rain is non-stop. Coat on and still soaked/covered in mud. Oh well, not like anyone will even notice!

Finally mustered up the courage to cycle all the way to my southside job from the west end, after illness, a week of annual leave and all that snow, in this final leg of the challenge. Pretty chuffed that I didn't get too lost and cycled to the park on my lunch break. If only it didn't rain so much...

A brisk ten minutes walk to the train station then a not so brisk ascent of the News Steps to the High St in Edinburgh means I get my exercise for the day :-)

I cycle to work every day and I cycle back from work every day . I really help save the environment with all this recycling!

Cheated today! Got a lift into work instead of the bus, so will need to get the bus home and will need to get off early and walk the rest of the way!

The weather is playing a silly game this week. Thinking it can catch me out by being a bit windy then sending out heavy rain and then today some sun. Jokes on you mother nature, I'm prepared for all weathers! Onwards we go!

Walking, cycling, running, bus and Subway so far this week. Should be on a train home tonight - how can I get hold of a skateboard/E-bike/kayak by tomorrow morning...?