The Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge


So the challenge is over and the website won't log the miles I'm doing now, but I'm now back on my bike regardless. A huge thanks to Sustrans for running this initiative, its given me the impetus to make a lifestyle change I'd intended to make for a while. I suspect I'd still be saying 'maybe tomorrow' if I hadn't signed up. Maybe next year I won't be entering 'car' into the 'How would you normally make this journey' field

Chuffed to hit my target but can't celebrate due to sad news of the loss of Mike Hall whilst he was riding the Indian Pacific Wheel race in Oz. Mike was one of the greatest British ultra endurance cyclists and a hero for many. Ride in peace Mike. Honour this great guy - ride your bike

Cycling was great in dundee yesterday - not so much wind, just a warm breeze. I even fell off my bike in the park which didn't bother me!!

Getting my daily exercise, a bit of fresh air, reducing my impact on anthropogenic climate change and my fuel bills, all whilst commuting, who says men can't multitask? Now need to start working on walking and chewing gum simultaneously :)

Finally made it up the 1:5 section of my cycle home last night It's the first time in 32 commutes that I've managed it!

It is a perfect cycling weather today!

Suggestion for the next challenge - an option to record taking the stairs to get to the office. Must count for a few more doughnuts...

Friday 24th March - Lovely day to cycle. And for the first time this month it was a still and sunny day and fairly warm on return journey home. Today I had company, a lovely man who was on his way home from a cycle joined me for part of my journey home between Irvine and Kilwinning. He is retired and was making the most of the lovely day and was pleased to have some company on his cycle. Took my mind off the cycle and we enjoyed a few laughs. What a nice way to get home. :-)

Last Sunday went for a walk in Elderslie...lovely sunny day and nice walk around...

better weather coming in so will soon be increasing my 13 mile morning cycle commute to 20 miles

Got very wet yesterday but still felt quite smug about walking to work. It's a shame umbrellas are 100% useless in Edinburgh... I was rocking the 'drowned rat dragged through a hedge' look.

Spring might be here now, lovely sunshine for my walk into work past the daffodils and excited puppies in Inverleith park

Yes Friday....!!

I'm back! But still sick :(

Perfect cold and bright morning for a cycle to work today.

Much nicer walking to work today than in yesterday's snow!

better day today no snow on my cycle to work this morning, broke the 400 miles for the month today

A real journey challenge this morning when I headed out into a blizzard in Balerno. A short trip on the road down to the start of the Water of Leith and then a couple of miles of slushy puddles on route to Murrayfield.

The wind this morning certainly blew me along

Just when you thought it was safe to put the winter gear away...