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Reflecting on the past four weeks of the Sustrans Scotland #journeychallenge, the following has been covered;

57 Journeys on 🦶

16 Journeys by 🚌

185 miles walked for March.

While this may have predominantly about car fuel savings, it was an opportunity to measure the overall carbon 👣, as well as explore new routes.

While the challenge may have ended, my journey continues...

Now a bit chilly but still great day for commute on the bike

We've all loved the SWJ challenge of 2022,

And would like to thank you to all your crew,

Some may have encouraged others to join in the fun,

By swapping their car for a walk, cycle, scoot or run,

Over 1900 people in Scotland signed up, that's a fact!

I wonder what the change has been and the biggest impact,

Can't wait to see the results at the end,

And another email for the next challenge to attend!


30 March - The hail playing the bike spokes like a harp (badly) was an absolute hoot.

Not sure it counts as a commute but walked 3 miles to a camp spot 2000ft above Glen Etive - unseasonal weather though and being March there were zero midges.

The last full week of the month-long challenge now closes in, and with over 160 miles on foot clocked, it’s a time to reflect.

Taking on the daily commute on foot, covering roughly between 3.5 and 10 miles a day minimises other risks such as COVID, as well as save money.

Hopefully this will provide a springboard, adopting the new daily routine, to a healthier lifestyle.

Took a slightly longer route home on the bicycle last night, as it was a nice evening.

Only to find a road closure at the crucial junction!

This necessitated a further 10km detour; a total 34km instead of the 23-ish I had planned.

i cheated this morning, i have a courtesy car and we all had friday-itis and lacking motivation, so i plunked everyone in the car and i combined part car journey and part walk. Not ideal but it was an exhausting week and the kids were dragging their heels.

i was offered a lift and thankfully declined and chose walking and bus to get the fresh air and slower less stressful pace that a car can bring. So definitely seeing a more positive outcome to active travel and the benefits of it.

I've logged 1100 miles by train on this challenge, although I've done a total of 5827 rail miles since I started my job in Elgin. The sunny and warm morning of the Beauly Firth was like a "Firth of Glass" out of the train window, the water was so still.

i have to say there is a lot less stress taking the time to walk, cycle or bus it on the school run compared to trying to get the kids into the car and to school on time. The kids are loving the peaceful 40mins before school listening to the birds sing and enjoying the calm.

After a week of commuting I had a lovely bike run in Midlothian and East Lothian.

Spring has definitely arrived.

I began this journey not so much for saving money, but to begin stamina training for the Edinburgh Kiltwalk later this year. Two full weeks into the challenge and I feel far healthier. Two to go, and I enjoy the challenge of seeing how much mileage I can squeeze out of improving my carbon footprint.

Sun is shining, skylarks are singing - what a great day to ride to work

no car this week has meant that i have to be more creative and active in how to do the school run!

Illness means I'm off my bike, but getting the bus instead. Making it more enjoyable by catching up on messages, listening to podcasts, or just watching the world go by.

WFH means no commute but will aim to try and cut the school run. Which is trickier to get 3 kids out the door :)

Really enjoying seeing the changes my lovely colleagues are making to their daily commute, and how positive they are about it all.

Some amazing weather since the start of March. Active travel has offered real mental health benefits by getting out in the sunshine and fresh air.

Took a wee detour on my cycle in to work via Loch Ness for a quick dip 🥶 First morning swim since winter and I can't wait for more