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Third time I've taken my gloves off mid-cycle to work. Looking forward to leaving them at home soon!

Pretty awesome weather this morning. Made my commute all that better. Sunny with a wee chill in the air, nothing better.

Beautiful morning. 51 yesterday and thankful that I am fit and well and happy and enjoying life and nature.

Sometimes I just have to get off the bus a couple of stops early, so I can appreciate the views a bit more!

Love getting the bus to and from work... allows you to appreciate the beautiful scenery around you!

Livin' la vida JourneyChallenge - 82% of the way to my 10k 'calories burned' target!

Sunny Monday walk to work!

I’ve reached & passed my goal of 100 journeys and delighted that 100&101 were both walking

This morning, for the second time in a week, I was nearly hit by a driver running a red light at a crossing. It won't stop me from cycling and walking but it is definitely worth double checking that traffic has stopped before moving out on to the road.

Anyone else loving this challenge?? I wish the challenge lasted longer than 1 month.

I am going to make it a healthy habit from now on. Thank you SWJC for helping me find my mojo again!

Walking to work has really helped my mental health.

Bye Bye Mr "snooze button"!!

Usual journey would drive to the station but got all trains & walked instead - worked out only 20 minutes longer and clocked up 10,000 steps in the process

Sad today as the bike me and my kids use to cycle through woods to the bus was stolen yesterday. It is of no great value to anyone except us really and we had another one stolen at Christmas from the same place...

Week 3 of cycling into work and I've saved £30.60 in bus fares and have cycled 72 miles. My fitness is improving too- I'm now 3 mins faster on my morning commute.

22 March - Looking for positives, I did have a tailwind for the last 200 metres of the pedal to work this morning. Oh, and it didn't rain. Happy Friday!

After work yesterday myself and two colleagues jointly rode home and had a wee bit of fun in a nearby playpark ….

Reluctantly headed into work by bike in light rain and mist but felt completely uplifted by the journey on arrival. I saw the first Jacob lambs in the glen this year and then stopped for 10 minutes to watch an large otter playing in the sea wrack at the edge of the town . Put a smile on my face for the whole day!

21 March - Funny old week. Chunks of the jaunt to work on Monday morning were spent trying to stay upright on icy roads, by Wednesday I'm digging out cycling togs that I'm not going to cook in because of the warmer weather. Still, that's preferable to last year's "Beast from the East".

This has been a great boost to get me back on my bike

20 days in - better skin from the fresh air and elements, more alert and feeling a lot fresher - Result!

Believe I have been selected to win a voucher for switching from car to bike. Chuffed to bits and feel great. A few motorists seemed not to like me though...….