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4 March - Steady rain all the way in, but I did get to try out the new waterproof cycling gloves.

Cycling to college is great as always. Fresh air before work and class is a great way to start the day, especially when you are in the college building most of the day. My mind was in peace on Tuesday morning and I felt relaxed listening to the birds. What a way to start the 1st of March!

Lunchtime cycle, feels like spring has sprung! I'd forgotten how scary cycling on fast main roads can be so I was glad to get onto the back roads for some peaceful exercise.

Train journey was sunny all the way from Dingwall to Elgin this morning !

STOP PRESS Sunshine makes rare appearance in Inverness, lol

looking forward to a walk when out of isolation!

Morning everyone!

Today I commuted 15 steps upstairs to my spare bedroom!

Just you wait until I am out of self isolation!!


i live half a mile from my work place and either cycle to or from work, cycling generally takes 3-4 mins and walking about 10. however, at the end of last year i decided to make more of my time and will quite often walk the 'long way home.' which varies depending on which route i take from 2-6 miles. who knows, maybe in the summer i might take the even longer route. i'm thinking of doing the same in the mornings, but that would mean getting up earlier!

Looking forward to the start of the Challenge. Roll on Spring!