The Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge


Was in Edinburgh and Stirling on Friday. A busy days travel that took in 2 journeys on my own bike, 3 train journeys and my first experience of using NextBike in Stirling.

Storm Gareth and Storm Helen have not made it the best week for cycling. But I cycled home tonight and braved the elements took a little bit longer but it was worth it. Encountered an adorable young boy of about two who was out with his mum. Mum had balance bike in hand and was in fear for her sons life as I cycled passed her and towards her son. I did slow right down and to the very edge of the path but the boys eyes lit up as I approached him and he ran to the front of the bike (mum in panic mode at this point). I stopped and he was so excited that he wanted to show me his bike and how he could ride too. Just fantastic - made my evening.

Switching from cycling to walking to practice for doing the Kiltwalk at the end of April :-)

Eventually got involved in the SWJC today, even if it wasn't ideal conditions for cycling to work. It does invigorate you for the day ahead though!

I want an extra doughnut for cycling in a gale today.

15 March - Spotted a worrying bulge after cycling to work, and it has nothing to do with lycra. Looks like the rear tyre needs replaced, although it'll be cheaper than having to replace a car tyre. Fingers crossed for the pedal home.

Getting the bus has been great! We have all avoided the mad rush hour traffic. Top tip: Download podcasts

Walked to my local Supermarket on Tuesday got wind, rain, snow and even hailstones but it didn't matter as a year ago I physically would not have been able to make that journey! I was soaked but felt amazing.

So windy this morning I could lean on the wind without falling over - definitely got fresh air today!

Tough bike ride this morning in strong headwinds taking the baby to her childminder on the back of the bike. Worth it though! She loved it and the weather was beautiful..

Cycling in the sunshine this morning was a lot easier than cycling home in yesterday's wind!

Bikes broken at the moment so decided to run to/from work a couple of times. Its hard work especially going home but still beats driving.

It's the first time I have been on a bicycle for a good few years and I'm enjoying it. Storm Gareth has moved on and the sun was out on my cycle to work this morning. That's the good bit, the not so good is I'm not used to the saddle pains!

I walked to work today and I feel more awake!

I was able to get to the hospital before my usual bus drove past me!

Beautiful morning around Holyrood park! Had to walk really quickly as I was a little late getting to Duddingston. Made it to school in 35 minutes which is a personal record!! Some lovely wildlife to photo but I didn't have time...must factor that in soon

When you do a running commute you realise it's always bin day somewhere!

Bus again today, good read of the Metro after Brexit result, if nothing else at least the suns shining bright!! Have Plantar Fasciitis on my right foot so hoping the extra walking will help ease it a bit.

Nice quick walk this morning along with Gavin

13 March - If I'm going to go to the effort of getting waterproof'd-up for the cycle to work, the rain might at least play it's part and stay on. Good tailwind though.

The photo of me in lycra cycle shorts is incredibly old - but I was an excellent cyclist in Sydney.